Spare Key Production

Car keys play an important role in our daily lives.

These keys are one of the main items that you have to keep at a close distance.

It gives us access to transport and travel with convenience.

Typically, keys are small.

So, losing or misplacing a car key is inevitable.

Traditional car keys?

Smart car keys?

No matter what type of key you have, it will always need a spare for back-up purposes.

Spare keys are keys that can function the same way as the original.

It is a duplicate that can solve issues like misplacing and losing.

There are various ways on how to get substitute keys—which makes you wonder and question, “How does spare key production work?”

Here are some previews on the spare key production.

If you want to make duplicates, call EZ Car Locksmith in Mississauga.

Production – Duplication Process

Original car keys will serve as the basis for design on the spare key.

By the use of a key duplicator, spare keys come into light.

At the same time, you have to place a matching blank key on the other side.

Make sure to have the original and the matching blank key aligned perfectly.

After the alignment, switch the duplicator machine on.

Let the blade cut the blank key into the size of the original one.

Viola! You have completed the whole duplication process.

If you want to fully understand the whole process, you can watch this video.

Production – Duplication Process Without the Original Key

Auto and car locksmiths are capable of making a duplicate without the original one.

Of course, the span of time consumed during the spare key production will be longer.

There are various ways to get a spare key.

Yet, getting a key made up by a locksmith is a lot cheaper and convenient.

As a car owner, it is ideal for you to know what type of car key you have.

Knowing what type of model you need can make things faster.

You will need your vehicle’s identification number or VIN to begin the process.

By the help of the VIN, an auto locksmith will be able to create a spare without asking for the original key.

If you cannot find where your VIN is, check your insurance paper or vehicle’s title.

Luckily, creating a spare key is an easy-pissy job for EZ Car Locksmith.

We have trained individuals that can do the job right at the least possible time.

Bear also in mind that smart car key duplication is a lot expensive from a traditional one.

Whenever you want to have a spare key, be sure to save up a few dollars before doing it.

If you want to know the whole spare key production, you can watch this video.

Call EZ Car Locksmith in Mississauga whenever you want a spare key.

Never Create a Duplicate From A Duplicate

A spare key serves as a substitute key.

Bear in mind that duplicates are a replica of the original ones.

To put it simply, they can do the same function but perform differently.

You have to know that there is a reduction in the accuracy level of a duplicate key.

So, never create a duplicate from a duplicate.

Even the original ones need regular checking.

EZ Car Locksmith can be of great help if you want to have your keys duplicated.

Call our team and we will help you with the process.

Importance of a Spare Key

If you are busy, it  is inevitable for you to forget or get yourself locked-out from your car.

Not all car companies give spare keys; it is at your own expense if you want to have one.

People often forget the importance of spare keys.

After experiencing unfavorable situations, we realize how convenient it is to have one.

Here are some reasons why it is important to have a spare key:

Avoiding Lock-out Situations

Busy people tend to forget trivial things.

Things like spare keys and other small accessories.

Yet, locked-up cars can be very stressful.

During such a scenario, it is best to have a spare key.

Spare keys will be a sort of back-up plan.

Cost Efficient

Locked-out situations and misplaced keys can be as frustrating as it can be.

Without a spare key, you will end up calling help from a car locksmith.

Having a locksmith do the action can make you spend more than expected.

Furthermore, you will waste a few minutes during the whole process.

Spare keys can save you from all troubles.

You can just grab where you placed it and then open the doors.

Secured and Convenient

Spare keys can give you a sense of security.

It is a satisfying feeling when you know that you have a spare key to avoid undesirable situations.

Also, spare keys are convenient.

It is convenient to use if you cannot remember where the original key is.

If you want someone to have access to your car, you can give the spare key for him to keep.

EZ Car Locksmith for Spare Key Production

For a spare key production, you can call our team and let us do the process.

We will do the job for you and will make sure to give you a quality result.

We offer spares and replacements.

Also, there are various services you can choose like opening a locked car door.

We have trained locksmiths committed to creating and developing a quality job.

Call our team now, and we will be at your service.

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