How to Avoid Car Lockouts

A car lockout is very inconvenient and one moment of disruption leads you to standing outside your locked car.

A car lockout condition can occur in a variety of circumstances.

It may be an issue with your car’s central locking mechanism, an issue with your car’s remote key, or just locking the keys.

What may be the cause to be locked out of your vehicle, the outcome is the same.

Since most of us lead pretty busy lives, the inconvenience of a car lockout scenario is a real issue.

When you are locked out of your vehicle, you will need a dependable, fast auto locksmith service to help you.

Consider calling EZ Car Locksmith in Mississauga if you find yourself having trouble with your car keys being locked out.

When you are locked out of your vehicle, you will need a dependable, fast auto locksmith service to help you.

However, there is something that can be done ahead of time to avoid such an incident entirely.

In the following aspects, we will discuss how to prevent a car lockout.

And they can spare you the hassle and inconvenience of locking yourself out of your vehicle.

Have the car keys close at hand

When driving, the first practice should be not to leave the keys in the car upon leaving.

Constantly place car keys in your pocket or bag, or keep them in your possession when you leave.

Setting them down in a seat and afterward losing them is a typical situation.

To prevent this to happen, either hang them or put them somewhere else to secure, like your wallet, when you withdraw them from the ignition.

Suggestion: Keeping hold of your keys with vibrant colors key chain would also be a good idea.

Close the doors with the fob every time.

One other way to prevent locking the keys in your car is to open the door using just the fob on the ring.

For keys with a built-in locking system, this one is simple. Remember to always use the buttons on the key to open and close the car door.

You should also have your keys with you when using this approach because if you may not, you won’t be able to open your car doors.

Suggestion: Before closing the door on your vehicle, double-check if you do have your car keys in your palm, wallet, or bag.

Start replacing the fob’s battery

When opening your car, the key fob may or may not fit.

Test the key fob battery to make sure it isn’t damaged in those situations.

And if that is the case, just replace the battery, which can be found in most car parts shops.

Suggestion: You could even have a dead battery in your car if the batteries in your key fob aren’t functioning and will need to be replaced.

If this is the case, you will need to insert the key to open the door lock.

Check if your key fob functions after you’ve replaced the car battery.

Make duplicate keys

Having spare keys made is a smart way to avoid locking yourself out from your car.

The cost of this varies widely depending on the kind of keys you want.

You can easily get a key made at a hardware store unless you want a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip.

You can go to the nearest car locksmith in Mississauga to get a replacement key designed for keys with fobs as well as RFIDs.

You must not only have spare keys made but also have quick and easy access to them if you lock yourself out of your car.

Extra keys can be placed in the following locations:

  1. In a convenient location at home, such as the living room or your bedroom.
  2. You should have a duplicate key in your wallet or bag, which might sound unnecessary.
  3. Some other alternative is to hide your key on your automobile, most often in a box in a safe spot.

Keep a locksmith’s contact details

Keep an auto locksmith’s contact details in your address book or programmed into your phone.

That way, if ever you lock yourself out of your vehicle, you’ll just have to ask for assistance.

Check this short video on How To Avoid Car Lockouts.


The easiest way to prevent unanticipated circumstances is to always be prepared.

However, regardless of how well you prepared and even though you have followed all of the tips.

There can be moments when you find yourself in a car lockout situation.

You should still ask a car locksmith specialist if you have any concerns regarding your automobile door locks.

You can call us EZ car Locksmith in Mississauga for any vehicular concerns.

We are professionally trained and have experienced years of assisting the local community in Mississauga to solve car lockout problems.

Call us for all your auto locksmith needs!

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