I Lost My Car Keys – What Do I Do?

It can be inconvenient to lose your car keys, particularly if you need to get somewhere quickly.

If they were lost or stolen, you must move fast if you do not want thieves to gain access to your car.

You won’t realize how important your car key is until you accidentally drop or lose it.

Because of its compact dimensions, a car key is prone to slipping out of a pocket or going through the smallest holes.

Since it is a more complex mechanism and extra protection features, replacing a car key requires the help of a specialist.

If you ever need a car key replacement, EZ Car Locksmith is always available.

As one of the most reputable car locksmiths in Mississauga, we have established a solid reputation in the area.

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In certain cases, we have a few solutions to an issue that is impossible to arise. What you should do is as follows.

What To Do If You’re Car Keys Lost?

Don’t Panic

You must be calm to stop panicking.

Although it is understandable to be concerned if you have misplaced your car keys, panicking would not help you.

You can’t be capable of thinking well, and your anger will cause you to do something irrational and harmful.

When you are cool, you will be able to think clearly and plan a solution to the problem.

You may recall that you have a spare key stashed somewhere.

Look around for your keys

You must gather your thoughts and consider when or where you have seen and obtained your car keys.

Examine your surroundings or trace back your steps to look for your misplaced car key till you are certain you have missed it.

Examine your vehicle

Often you’ll look around for your car keys just to discover that they’ve been left in your car right from the beginning.

If you’ve been locked out and know your key is in your vehicle, you’ll need to contact an auto locksmith to unlock your car door to recover your keys.

Collect all of your vehicle’s records

If you are certain that you have misplaced your car keys, you must obtain all of your vehicle’s records.

This would be needed when you order a new key from your car’s manufacturer or an auto locksmith.

You must obtain your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), the make and model of your vehicle, its registration number, your identification documents, and your current address.

All of this knowledge is needed to ensure that the car is yours.

In addition, vehicle information would be required so that your car key is being reprogrammed.

Request a key replacement

If you have an older car that also uses a conventional or electronic key, calling a locksmith is the right choice.

Using a locksmith instead of a dealer will help you save a lot of money.

Locksmiths can simply make you a substitute key because it does not require programming.

If you have a modern vehicle with complicated keys which need to be reprogrammed, you should contact your dealer to order a replacement key.

However, many auto locksmiths now have the equipment and machines necessary to produce new keys for modern vehicles.

They can even reprogram the buttons. What you have to do is choose one that is dependable and knows just what to do.

However, if your car keys are too difficult for an auto locksmith to replace, you would have no choice but to call the dealership of your car company.

Obtain a spare key

Get a spare key for your vehicle in case you misplace your car keys again.

It is preferable to be organized so that you do not end up complaining about misplacing your car keys again.

Watch this informative video if you have lost your car keys.


It can be inconvenient and upsetting, but there is always a solution to any car issue.

Replacing car keys can be costly, particularly if you own a modern vehicle with a complicated key.

Luckily a skilled locksmith, such as EZ Car Locksmith, would be able to solve your problem.

EZ Car Locksmith is the perfect option for any of your car key repair needs.

Make a call right now if you’re looking for one of the most skilled and affordable locksmiths in Mississauga!

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