Replacing Car Door Locks Cylinders

There are several factors why you could require replacing your car door lock cylinder.

The problem with most automobile problems is that they can come from a multitude of outlets.

It is important to learn not just what symptoms to look at when it’s time to replace a car door lock cylinder, but also how to resolve the issue.

Although, once we’ve explained reasons why you may need to your car door lock, make sure you understand all about car door cylinders.

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Signs That Your Car Door Lock Cylinder Has to Be Replaced

The Key Isn’t Turning In The Car Door

A key that does not turn in the lock doesn’t always mean that the car door lock cylinder needs to be replaced.

It is a good indication of a problem that would necessitate the replacement of the lock cylinder, so it depends on whether the problem is with the lock or the key.

Many of the signs of a faulty lock are shared with a non-working car key.

Depending on the consumer and the condition of either unit, either will become worn.

You can use some troubleshooting to determine whether you need to replace your car door lock cylinder after encountering this problem.

Try to see if you have a spare car key and if it unlocks the car door conveniently with that key.

Since a spare key would not have the same level of wear, if it does not fit in the lock, you will have to replace the whole car door lock cylinder.

But if one door is malfunctioning, replacing the car door lock cylinder would be the solution to resolving the issue.

And the replaced car door lock can be re-keyed so it can be unlocked using the same key that is currently in use.

Replacing Ignition Cylinder

When car owners change their ignitions, it is normal for the mechanic to refuse to rekey the new cylinder.

As a result, the driver now has two buttons and one is for the ignition and another for the doors.

Eventually, the user can only use their car key remote to unlock their doors and will remove the actual key from their ring.

The replacement car door lock cylinder can need to be ordered with a pre-assigned key number.

And if you’ve misplaced your keys, it’s a smart idea to change the car door lock cylinder instead of tinkering with the replaced ignition cylinder.

You misplaced your car keys.

This might seem that missing your car keys would not necessarily require the replacement of your car door lock cylinder.

Rather, it requires the replacement of your car keys. However, this depends on how you lost them.

It is safer to replace the whole car door lock cylinder for security purposes.

This would prevent unauthorized entry to the interior of the vehicle.

That is the most basic level of security you can have for your car if you lose the keys.

A step beyond that will be to reinstall or replace your ignition cylinder within the vehicle.

Check this sample video on how to replace the Car Door Lock Cylinder.


Until the lock completely fails and requires a fix, it can begin to work less than perfectly.

This can manifest as reduced features.

You put yourself at risk of a variety of problems if you do not address the problem as soon as possible.

The lock may unexpectedly stop working, leaving you stranded in your car.

Replacement of Car door lock cylinder is a normal part of a vehicle’s life cycle.

It should be handled with the same concern and priority as any other form of vehicle maintenance.

Please do not hesitate to contact a specialist if you need a replacement for your car door lock cylinder.

So, if you live in the Mississauga area and want to know if your car door lock cylinder needs to be replaced, call the experts at EZ Car Locksmith.

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