Replacing Ignition Switches FAQ

An automobile ignition system controls the power supply for the majority of electrical equipment in your car as well as the starter mechanism.

However, you cannot start your car’s engine if your vehicle has problems with the ignition switch.

The trouble of having an ignition switch can also cause problems like abrupt delays or mechanical problems on the way.

If you have an ignition switch problem, repairing or replacing it would save you from being stranded.

For malfunctioning car ignition switches, you can rely on EZ Car Locksmith in Mississauga.

We have been equipped with a sophisticated predictive control device to provide you efficient service at reasonable rates.

Contact us and we will assist you with your car ignition issues.

The car ignition switch is a specific car locksmith issue that is more sophisticated than stolen or misplaced car keys.

The most frequently asked questions about their ignition switches.

What are the signs of a bad ignition switch?

Typically, you’ll know that you have a defective ignition switch if turning the key is difficult or unable to switch.

Sometimes if you switch the ignition and your car attempts to start but fails.

A faulty ignition switch can cause your car’s interior lights and other accessories to turn off for a brief period.

Is it possible to simply fix my ignition switch?

A quick fix cannot always be done to the ignition key.

Often a part can be removed or a wire reparable, but that’s not always the case.

The cost and available replacement variable are a consequence of this threshold.

It is also necessary to determine the particular issue.

Any problems with the ignition switch could be misleading and even more problems may arise.

If it is more reasonable to select a new ignition switch over the repair, the locksmith will tell you.

How can I know if my ignition switch has to be replaced?

When your car is not starting, the usual evident example is the ignition switch.

This could be an example where the car cranks, but the engine won’t start or rev up the engine.

Maintaining the ignition key is important. If it is unable to patch the switch, an ignition switch is required for a replacement.

How long would it take to fix a car’s ignition switch?

It would take approximately 20 minutes for the Ignition switch to replace all the appropriate components.

The exact time required depends on the design of the ignition of the vehicle.

It is usually used to loosen the latches, screws, and bolts used to hang the covers together before completing a switch ignition replacement.

It would also be necessary to bring anything which is taken off.

Do not worry, as these processes are easily performed to ensure that no car component is damaged.

This involves plastic cover scuffing, shedding, or snapping latches.

A skilled locksmith always ensures that the wires which are exposed during this step are not damaged.

Will my ignition key be replaced by a locksmith?

An ignition switch repair is entirely carried out by a locksmith.

It is often necessary after one of our car locksmiths has been diagnosed.

If the ignition cylinder does not appear to be a problem, the removal of the ignition cylinder is not sufficient.

A further study of the reliability of the ignition switch would be necessary.

This service is likely to have to be performed later if it is diagnosed on site.

Ignition switches differ considerably between car types and can require a second position to be obtained.

However, the locksmith will arrive in their mobile unit anywhere you are and your vehicle is located in the Mississauga area.

Should I have to bring my car to the locksmith?

As a professional auto locksmith contractor in Mississauga, we provide a variety of emergency services.

This means we have a transportation and mobile unit with complete facilities to repair and replace your ignition key on any part of the Mississauga area.

You can save money by letting a locksmith come to your place rather than having your vehicle towed to a mechanic.

What you need to do is order the service and presents the company with the correct vehicle details.

This sample helpful video explains how to replace broken ignition locks or ignition switches.


There is no better way to go for ignition switch repair than EZ Car Locksmith.

We have the expertise to determine if your ignition switch needs to be changed or whether another service will be more beneficial to your ignition.

When we discover a flaw with your ignition key, we still notify the consumer.

This involves informing them of the expected time it would take to complete the job and the cost of servicing.

It is safest to leave ignition switch repair to a licensed locksmith for your protection and the safety of the car.

Call us now and we’ll discuss your ignition switches problem.

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