Replacing Key Fobs Explained

The most important aspect of your key fob is that it’s only exclusive to your car.

Accessibility and enhanced security are few features of modern vehicles.

As automakers allow vehicle owners to remotely unlock their automobiles and activate security alarms by pressing the key fob’s button.

Most new car features would not require you to put keys into the ignition to power them.

Remote key fob systems are important protection to your vehicle’s anti-theft since they only require access to a vehicle if the correct key fob is provided.

The incorporation of sophisticated protection devices in modern automobiles will make emergency access difficult.

Furthermore, if you do not deal with the best locksmith, removing or reprogramming the key fob that was broken or destroyed can be expensive and time-consuming.

If you’ve been locked from your vehicle because you lost or destroyed your key fob, contact EZ Car Locksmith for key fob replacement or reprogramming.

If a key fob is missing, the only choice is to restore it with the help of a professionally trained and bonded locksmith.

The Replacement Of Key Fob

Any reputable locksmith can repair key fobs in phases and the procedure begins by obtaining new components.

This will include the remote, which can be standard or factory-made, as well as the appropriate keys.

The customer or the locksmith can collect the actual key fob replacement.

However, it is eventually up to the client to choose which option they want.

Purchasing for replacing the key fob yourself has many advantages.

You would be sure to find the cheapest deal without having to pocket the burden of an intermediary.

You are also able to program the remote by yourself.

The disadvantage is that if you use the incorrect or unreliable remote, you can risk money without receiving anything.

The remote can even be pre-programmed, which means it may not fit your vehicle.

When a locksmith orders these parts on your behalf, they are certain that the fob can function and software correctly.

In addition, the locksmith might have a spare key fob backup on hand, which can save your time.

Although the locksmith has never configured the specific model of car before, they have sufficient technical experience to perform the process quickly and correctly.

You can look for alternatives of car keys made for assistance, but a professional locksmith seemed to be the safest alternative.

The locksmith report would also follow the official procedure as laid out by the vehicle manufacturer.

When the key fob replacement arrives and the procedure for programmed is determined, the parts will be transported to the vehicle and the processing will begin.

Key Fob Programming

Reprogramming would require the opening of the internal diagnostic port.

This could require the extraction of some plastic paneling.

After programming is completed, certain panels may be reinstalled.

Our resources will then be used to control the car’s computer.

During this time, current keys could be disregarded and new keys could be programmed.

The only disadvantage of this method of programming would be the tools have created delay periods to ensure they’re not used for illegal purposes.

In certain cases, all that is needed is the replacement of a mechanical key and a key fob.

It is impossible to say for certain that this would be the case for your car, but there is a fair possibility.

When the car has to use old fobs to create new ones, the diagnostic port must be used.

You would also be unable to revoke the access of missing fobs without the need for the port.

Any complicated questions about your vehicle’s key fob programming method should be referred to your repair technician.

Check this DIY video on how to replace a key fob.


While each car would have a unique programming process, there are certain general procedures.

To program and replace the key fob, the vehicle should be present.

The car and the latest key fob attachment must be in the same area to perform the programming.

If the vehicle is difficult to move, our technicians will come to the vehicle’s location.

EZ Car Locksmith provides mobile locksmith facilities, allowing us to offer high-quality service to everyone, anytime.

We will produce you the required combination of keys and perform each part of the procedure, as well as handle the whole process.

Do you want fast and accurate key fob replacement?

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