Types Of Car Keys

Car keys, like most electronic devices, have evolved in technology and now include a multitude of applications.

As a result, there are several different types of cars available today, each with its own set of modifications, such as the keys used.

However, for the vast majority of the automobile’s lifetime, anything from starting the engine to opening the trunk was accomplished with a single mechanical key.

Though there are several options, most modern car keys fall into one of the four categories mentioned below.

The good news is that even if you’ve lost your original keys, a professional auto locksmith can replace them.

Furthermore, you should be familiar with the various types of car keys you have, particularly if you happen to lose one by accident.

This will help you choose which kind of car key to use to replace the one you’ve lost.

The transponder key may have failed, the key may have broken while switching ignition, or your car keys have been stolen or lost.

Identifying what kind of key you have will assist you in budgeting for key replacement whether you lose, steal, or smash it.

In certain circumstances, you will need to swap your car keys.

EZ Car Locksmith is prepared to update, repair, restore, cut keys, retrieve keys, program fobs, and perform a variety of other services.

Our goal is to provide a wide range of locksmith services to meet the needs of our customers.

Car Keys in Different Types

The Common Mechanical Cut Car Key

Mechanically-cut car keys are the oldest and most common kind of car keys, and they are crafted using the most basic tools and equipment.

Mechanical keys are perhaps the most simple and easiest to replicate, with grooves and outlines cut from just one hand.

Regrettably, since they are so readily replicated, they are the most likely to be compromised and cloned by a third party.

And any keyhole or lock may be changed to accept mechanical keys.

In Mississauga, expert auto locksmiths perfected this absolutely, even if there are some actual mistakes.

Transponder code Car key

The growing concept for an automobile locksmith company is the transponder car key with codes.

Despite hand-cut switches, more and more people purchase and use cars equipped with transponder keys.

The keys cannot be manufactured on a metal cutting unit, since they have no room to fit.

Transponder keys have a microchip that allows the car to unlock when the key is near.

If a key is not available, the car won’t start. The keyholder also uses the key to boot the engine.

Because each key is programmed to respond to the actual vehicle’s particular code, it can be difficult to replicate or replace it without the correct equipment.

Transponder systems are easily accessible and a qualified locksmith can duplicate in minutes a transponder key.

Several codes given by the main automakers are contacted by the machine.

A new microchip may be produced and inserted in a suitable key replacement if the codes are matched.

Laser Cut Car Keys

Similar in appearance but more precisely and advanced, the laser cutting key and mechanical cutting key improves their safety value.

Laser-cut keys, often known as side wind keys, are equipping both ends with ridges and curves which are more difficult to reproduce.

Innovative machinery is essential to duplicate the laser cutting key.

Furthermore, the internal cutting machine is used by expert locksmiths to accurately cut both sides of the handle, so that the key can’t be duplicated.

Fob Car Keys

A fob car key is identical to a transponder, however with the transponder component divided into a device.

Certain forms of auto key pieces are available. The most famous is the automatic features add-on fob.

Standard key fobs by automotive locksmiths are inexpensive and simple.

Check to see that the battery still works until you consider that your fob has been destroyed.

Radio disturbances will cause a fob to stop functioning under harsh circumstances.

Here’s the breakdown video for you about the evolution of car keys and how they’ve evolved over time from simple metal keys to intelligent smart keys.


There are currently several major car types in use.

There are still readily available simple engineering substitutes, but new vehicles are standard with improved protection.

An efficient car locksmith has to keep the economy and its constantly evolving trends at the leading edge.

The EZ Car Locksmith is here to help you.

We are equipped to assist you as quickly and efficiently as possible providing our specialist car locksmiths.

The most advanced automobile primary technologies and equipment are accessible to our expert technicians without limitation.

Contact EZ Car Locksmith immediately if an unusual condition occurs!

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