What To Do When Locking Your Car Keys In the Car

It’s an embarrassing situation having the care key locked up inside a car.

Yet, we cannot avoid these kinds of issues.

Locked up keys are simply frustrating.

Thus, we end up asking ourselves “What to do when locking your car keys in the car?”

Luckily, EZ Car Locksmith offers great services for car key issues.

We have skilled auto, car and mobile locksmiths that can be of your service anytime.

EZ Car Locksmith in Mississauga can help you solve the problem at hand.

Here is some know-how that might help you during such moments:

Always Have a Spare Key

Do you have a spare key? Then, you will have no problem in solving the issue at hand.

If not, consider having one.

As a car owner, it is in our best interest to have a back-up plan every time.

A spare key is one of the few back-ups that can save us from dreadful situations.

Spare keys reduce the chances of stress.

Naturally, people often forget things when we are busy or thinking about something.

So, we accidentally leave the keys inside the car without noticing.

Sadly, locked-up keys can make your doors or windows broken.

For convenience, you might seek help from an auto locksmith.

Either way, you will end up spending more.

A spake key will be the best solution.

Remember owning a spare key can help you avoid trouble in the long run.

EZ Car Locksmith offers various deals and services that can help you make one.

Call us and we will be at your service anytime.

Be Ready To Take an Action

What do you do when locking your car keys in the car?

This question can be very frustrating.

Furthermore, experiencing such a scenario yourself is very stressful.

First things first, you should be ready to take action.

There are a lot of know-how tips on how to fix such issues.

Yet, knowing which ones are the best can be very helpful.

Use a string to unlock the door.

Strings can help in opening a locked door.

Yet, it can only be useful to traditional and post-type door cars.

Tie the string into a slipknot.

Then, secure a little space between the top front door window frame and the car’s body.

Lower the string onto the car’s body until it reaches where the lock is.

Secure it on the lock and pull it upwards.

If you want to fully understand the whole process, you can watch this video.

Seek help from EZ Car Locksmith if you cannot do the string technique.

Bladder and pump method for locked-up keys

Using the strings unlocking the cars cannot be efficient at all times.

You need a slightly bent rod and few wedges to conduct this method.

Insert the wedges on both sides of the door’s hinges.

Also, place a wedge on the top corner of the front door.

Once you secure a space, insert the rod.

Then, hook your keys on the rod or unlock the door through the space.

If you want to visualize the process, check out this video.

Remember to call a car locksmith from EZ and let our team deal with it.

Keep in mind that these two know-hows can only be possible with the right knowledge.

Be sure to have your skills ready! EZ Car Locksmith in Mississauga will always be ready to be of your service.

EZ Car Locksmith for Emergency

As a car owner, we tend to do things for ourselves.

Yet, there are few things that might bring more trouble.

Doing a few techniques whenever the keys are inside the car might bring more trouble to you.

You might end up spending more and making things worse.

Seeking professional help will always be the best option.

If you cannot do the process correctly, possible car issues might happen.

Professional car locksmiths will never let you suffer losses.

We, EZ Car Locksmith, devote ourselves to doing the job right.

In Mississauga, EZ Car Locksmith offers services that can deal with any car issues.

We ensure quality services at all times.

Call EZ Car Locksmith and let our team do things for you.

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