What To Do When Car Keys Won’t Turn In Ignition

Have you experienced the struggle when your car keys won’t turn inside the ignition?

Inserting your car keys into the ignition and refuses to turn them on can be very frustrating.

And it usually happens at the most inconvenient time.

Apparently, as a car owner, you may consider trying all possible methods to turn your key into the ignition.

However, after many attempts, your ignition switch fails and unable to start.

This unexpected situation can have a significant effect on your car or even worse, leave you stranded.

This car key ignition problem may be caused by a variety of factors, including the key itself, ignition switch, or your ignition cylinder.

What is the proper course of action?

To minimize the potential risk of your ignition issues, consult your licensed auto locksmith in Mississauga and get your keys tested for efficiency.

You can contact EZ Car Locksmith in Mississauga to discuss your car key ignition problem.

But before calling a car locksmith, here are some steps to look for to define and solve the problem:

Car Key Ignition Causes and Solution

The most common causes of your car key not turning in the ignition are components connected to the ignition mechanism.

Fortunately, they are also the easiest to locate and repair.

1. User or Driver’s Error

Check if Steering Wheel is locked – In certain cars removing the key prevents the steering wheel from turning.
As a result, your steering wheel gets locked and becomes stuck.

Try to rotate the steering wheel left to right while switching on the key into the ignition.

This will release the pressure on the lock to turn on the key.

Incorrect Shifting Gear Position – Some car models have a mechanism that prevents starting the car if the shifting gear is not set in park mode or neutral.
Check your gear if it’s set on the park or neutral. This issue is only applicable to those who have an automatic vehicle.

2. Car Key Issues

Car Keys are Worn Out – If your car key is worn out, this would prevent the pins within the cylinder to meld correctly and start the car.
You can use your spare key to test if the other worn-out key is causing the issue.

If you misplaced your spare key, it’s best to contact your car dealer and request a replacement car key with the appropriate code.

Bent Car Keys – A bent car key may still insert and reach the ignition cylinder but it’s not accurately matched up to start the ignition.
Inspect the key if it is bent and softly flatten it with a hammer.

Use one that would not break the key, as hammering risks causing further damage.

Dirty or Stained Keys – If your key is filthy, it cannot function properly and prevent it from lining up correctly inside the ignition cylinder.
Check your car key for any signs of dust and dirt then scrub the key with rubbing alcohol.

Apply a small amount of WD-40 into the ignition.

The necessary lubrication can often be sufficient to allow the key to slip out even while gently twitching it.

3. Car Key Ignition Component Issues

The issue with the Ignition Lock Cylinder – If something is creating an obstacle within the ignition cylinder, use compressed air to clean out the debris.
You may try squeezing a silicon-based lubricant inside the ignition cylinder.

The lubricant can remove any gravel or residue that is causing the ignition to stick or prevents the key from turning.

However, if it does not resolve the problem, the cylinder itself could have been affected and would be difficult to repair.

You’ll need to consult with a professional auto locksmith if it is necessary to replace the entire ignition cylinder.

Jammed Springs Inside the Cylinder – Troubles with the locks or springs will make it hard to switch the key.
If this occurs, use a small stick tool to softly tap the key ignition to remove any trapped pins or springs.

Keep in mind not to strike too hard. The sound of the tap, not the weight, should release any stuck pins or springs.

After that, try inserting the key and turn the switch.

Before calling a car locksmith, take a look at this video tutorial and give yourself a try.


If you’re still having trouble turning in the keys after trying all diagnostic efforts, we suggest calling an expert auto locksmith for a more detailed diagnosis.

Look no further! EZ Car Locksmith can aid in the diagnosis of the issue.

Thereafter, we’ll handle all of the required repairs for you.

EZ Car Locksmith provides mobile locksmith services 24/7 and can immediately dispatch technicians to your location to repair your ignition lock and key issues.

We assure you that our services are dependable and secure.

Give us a call right now and we’ll be there to assist you!

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